General Terms and Conditions


The hotel accommodation agreement (rental agreement) between the service recipient / orderer / organizer / guest and the hotel shall be deemed as concluded once the room / function room has been ordered or confirmed or, if there was not sufficient time for a confirmation, the point at which the room was made available.


The conclusion of the hotel accommodation agreement (rental agreement) obligates the contractual partners to fulfil the agreement, irrespective of the contract duration that was agreed. The agreement cannot be cancelled unilaterally.


The room rates and other hotel prices are based on the currently applicable price list or on agreed prices.


Seminar participants shall be charged with spa tax starting from the second overnight stay.


Reserved hotel rooms are available to our guests at 3 p.m. on their day of arrival until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. If no prior arrangements have been made for your arrival after 6 p.m., the hotel is entitled to offer the reserved hotel rooms or other rooms to other customers after 6 p.m.


Reserved function rooms in our hotel are available to the guest/organizer only during the times previously agreed in writing. Use of the room exceeding these periods require the hotel's consent, which must be obtained 12 hours prior to use.


For events that takes place after 11 p.m. the hotel is entitled to charge additional expenses - in particular for employees - plus legally applicable VAT.


The service recipient (guest / organizer) does not acquire any right to the provision of certain hotel rooms or function rooms. Should the facilities booked be unavailable for whatever reason, the hotel is obligated to provide for equivalent replacement (even if in another location).


The organizer/guest may only bring food and beverages with the explicit consent of the hotel and only in connection with a so-called corkage fee"".



If reserved guest rooms, functions rooms and package deals are cancelled or postponed, cancellation/compensation fees shall be incurred. The standard compensation fees are:

a.  up to 120 days prior to arrival:        no costs

b.  up to 90 days prior to arrival:        10 % of the agreed services/package

c.  89 to 60 days prior to arrival:        35 % of the agreed services/package

d.  59 to 30 days prior to arrival:        50 % of the agreed services/package

e.  29 to 0 days prior to arrival:        80 % of the agreed services/package

Should the arrangement with the hotel involve more than 150 overnight stays per event, the above periods shall be extended by 30 days each. The hotel shall attempt to to re-let the accommodation which has become free as a result so as to minimise resulting losses. The service recipient/orderer shall be obliged to pay the rates for the contractual period according to the regulations stipulated above until the facilities booked are given to a third party.


In order to ensure the orderly processing of group bookings (15 persons and more), the service recipient/orderer shall submit a list of all participants to the hotel fourteen days prior to arrival.


If the orderer is not the organizer, both individuals shall be deemed liable as joint debtors.


If the organizer is a political/religious group, the contract shall additionally require the approval of the hotel before it becomes valid. Should the orderer/service recipient fail to inform the hotel of this, the contract shall become nullified and compensation charges shall become valid in line with point 10 of this contract.


Should it be discovered after concluding the contract that the event booked by the orderer/service recipient may pose a risk to hotel operations, security or the reputation of the hotel, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time and at no expense. This applies in particular if the hotel was not sufficiently information of the true nature of the event upon concluding the contract.


If no other previous payment arrangements have been made, hotel services shall be paid with a down payment of ca. 50% of the expected invoice amount within 14 days of the booking confirmation. The remaining amount shall be paid upon receipt of the final invoice to the bank account of the SCHWARZWALD-HOTEL specified in the correspondence. A fee of 10.00 € shall be incurred for each payment reminder we send.


Other forms of payment are only permitted after written confirmation by the hotel.


Credit cards are only accepted for amounts exceeding 40.00 €.


If the period between contract conclusion and service order exceeds 6 months, the hotel is entitled to make price changes without prior notification. Changes in VAT shall be paid for by the orderer / service recipient irrespective of the time of contract conclusion. All prices include respective sales tax.


Pets may only be brought along with prior approval of the hotel.


Newspaper advertisements inviting candidates to job interviews or a sales event must be consented to in writing by the hotel. If the organizer fails to obtain permission, the hotel is entitled to cancel the event. In this case, point 12 of the general terms of business applies.


In the case of seminars/conferences/congresses/banquets, etc. any changes in terms of participant numbers must be reported to the hotel three days prior to the event.


The orderer/service recipient is liable for the payment of any additionally ordered food, beverages and outlays as well as any other costs incurred by the event participants.


No liability shall be assumed for the loss or damage or any objects or exhibits bought onto the premises. Any decoration must correspond to the fire prevention regulations and other safety requirements and may only be attached to walls, carpets, etc. with the consent of the hotel. The orderer/service recipient shall be liable for any damages incurred.


Any liability for damage to objects that the organizer has brought on to the premises of the hotel shall be limited to malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of the hotel. The hotel shall not be liable for any items left behind.


Malfunctions to technical facilitates made available will be remedied immediately, to the extent that this is possible. Offsetting or withholding payments however is not admissible.


Liability for jewellery and valuables corresponds to legal requirements.


If the guest receives a parking space in the hotel parking lot, this does not constitute a safekeeping agreement. In cases where cars or their contents have been stolen or damaged while parked or moved on hotel property, the hotel shall not be liable, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. This also applies to its legal representatives.


Wake-up services are performed by the hotel with the greatest care. Claims for damages are excluded, except in cases of gross negligence or wilful intent.


Verbal ancillary agreement require the written form for validity.


Should one or several of the provisions of the General Terms of Business be invalid or become invalid, the validity of the remaining terms shall remain unaffected. In place of the invalid provision, a valid contractual provision shall be inserted which corresponds to the intention of the original provision.


The place of jurisdiction is Gengenbach


Status February 2010